Board of Directors

Below is a list of our local Board of Directors who are committed to carrying out Pheasants Forever mission.




President Mike Schatz 605-376-8219
VP Chuck Rokusek 605-362-9827
Secretary Melanie Seiter 605-553-0514
Treasure Kyle Aspaas 605-310-4226
Habitat Bill Donovan 605-338-6945
Assist Habitat    
Public Relations Jim Lather 605-360-5776
Sports Shows Kevin Roberts 605-759-2771
Banquet Coordinator Jeff Bickel 605-366-0279
Banquet Coordinator Assist Nick Seiter  
Banquet Coordinator Assist Mark Johnson  
Banquet Donor Volunteer Steve Studer  
Volunteers Larry Hamre 605-251-7020
Volunteers Bob & Ellen Rock