The backbone of Pheasants Forever is the unique system of county chapters that provides incentive for chapter leaders to raise money for pheasant habitat in their own area. All net funds raised remains at the local level.

Local control of the funds and the freedom to spend those funds means county-by-county prioritization of habitat needs. Local control means access to the network of contacts that chapter leaders have to the landowning public and to natural resources professionals. Local control means there is an incredible incentive to raise more to do more, and to wisely shepherd funds. Local control also means the ability to generate tremendous support from both the general membership and local businesses by presenting a product that local sportsmen and women can see, touch and walk on.

Pheasants Forever concentrates its habitat project efforts on fulfilling the biological needs of the ringneck, as well as on the preservation of permanent areas for wildlife.


We are taking orders for habitat seed for the 2018 season. If you have not put in a request for food plot seed for 2018, contact Bill Donovan, 605-214-1415.  The seed availability for 2018 will be RR corn and grain sorghum. A bag of corn will typically seed about 3 acres and sorghum 7-8 acres.  Seed is normally available the  end  of March first part of April.


We are currently accepting proposals for 2018 habitat projects. Include a brief description of the project, project location, and estimated costs. Proposals can be mailed to the chapter address, or presented at the monthly meeting.

Contact Bill Donovan at 605-214-1415 for any questions.