Habitat Restrictions

A primary mission of the Min- nehaha County Pheasants Forever chapter is to assist private land- owners with habitat development projects and wildlife food plots. A portion of the funds raised annually are set aside spe- cifically for these habitat projects. Below are restrictions for Habitat Projects:

  • Food plot assistance is restricted to providing seed. Requests for chemical and/or labor to plant a food plot will not be considered.
  • Habitat project assistance is restricted to habitat development projects such as native grass seedings, wetland restorations, woody habitat projects etc. Maintenance requests for noxious weed control, grassland mowing, fence work etc. will not be considered.
  • Habitat projects planned for commercial or fee hunting operations will not be considered. We consider habitat projects on these properties to be a business expense and the sole responsibility of the operator.
  • Woody habitat projects associated with a home acreage site are typically not considered unless the project is broader in scope than the immediate acreage site.
  • Wetland projects must be designed for shallow depth water and wetland vegetation. Projects designed to hold water for fishing or other water based recreation will not be considered.
  • Each individual household/cooperator will be limited to a $2,000 lifetime benefit from the chapter. This allows the chapter to attract new projects and also to be equitable to our membership.
  • Cooperators are not required to allow free public access in order to receive assistance. However, the potential for limited hunting access by the public will be considered during the evaluation process. We are always looking for properties to hold youth mentor pheasant hunts.