Land Aquisition

Since the organization's formation in 1982, Pheasants Forever has put a priority on acquiring lands that are critically important as wildlife habitat, as well as opening up public hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Pheasants Forever has participated in over 1,313 different land acquisitions totaling over 161,867 acres. Those land acquisition projects have been completed in conjunction with local, state, and federal natural resource agencies, and all of those projects are today open to the public for hunting.

Pheasants Forever has also worked closely with state agencies to create additional public hunting opportunities, most notably through its Build a Wildlife Area program.

Pheasants Forever is aggressively looking to partner with landowners to identify opportunities to acquire and accept donations of property. Those properties that are significantly valuable to our habitat conservation mission may be held and managed by Pheasants Forever or our land-ownership organization, The Forever Land Trust. In many cases, these contributions may also provide significant tax benefits for donors. Perhaps you or someone you know would be interested in leaving a legacy in this manner.